Genera as Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.) certified UNI CEI 11352 funds, develops, creates and handles energy and process efficiency interventions, by bearing the total costs, taking the technical risk and sharing the savings with the Client.

Genera declares itself as a partner more than a provider within this framework. It strives to identify the best suitable interventions to Client’s needs, to choose the most enhanced technologies, to work with the most reliable suppliers. The main purpose for Genera is improving the result’s guarantee both for the Client and for itself.

Our proposal

After an in-depth analysis of the Client’s needs, Genera takes care of all the necessary activities to implement the intervention: a preliminary study, planning, construction management.
Genera directly supports the 100% of the investment, which will generate saving for the Client in terms of energy and money.

Genera doesn’t bind the use of any technology or supplier: it selects the most suitable solutions and suppliers to meet specific needs from time to time, during the realization as well as during the maintenance. The proposal is flexible, and it grants the energetic performance of the intervention: a tailor-made plan shared with the Client will allow tracking the benefits generated year after year.


  • No capital liabilities for non-core activities
  • No technical or financial risks
  • Cost and energy savings guarantee
  • Efficient technological equipment
  • Cost savings on maintenance
  • CO2 emissions reduction