A unique instrument

The Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) is the most relevant cooperation form between public and private entities. It is aimed either at the funding, building and handling of facilities or the supply of public services.
The collaboration with private entities allows the public administration to attract more considerable investment resources and expertise which are not accessible internally.

Genera has developed a specific department to support both Group’s initiatives and third-party ones, for those who may need assistance during the whole project, including the funding of the initiative.

Project planning and structuring

Project planning and structuring

The realization of a project starts with a proper schedule and structure. Thus, Genera is responsible for:

  • Technical and economic feasibility study of the project
  • Analysis of the administrative procedure intended to designate the promoter
  • Evaluation and mitigation of the risks
  • Preparation of the draft convention
  • Realization of an authenticated business plan
  • Preliminary, final and executive design
  • Technical and documentary support for tender participation
  • Editing of the final documents
  • Establishing of the contracts concerning the realization of the works subject to tendering

Public lighting

The Public Lighting department develops, organizes and creates all the energy efficiency operations among the public administration, focusing on both the product and the service provision. Through the associated company PANDORA GREEN®, Genera designs and builds light fixtures, manufactured according to the market’s highest standard. Thanks to the cooperation with several companies in the sector and to the investments in groundbreaking start-ups, Genera processed performance monitoring and complementary services which enhance the achievements related to social aims.

Stragetic assets

The PPP programs extend to multiple public administration’s assets regarded as strategic. Genera actively supports the development programs on:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Key buildings
  • Facilities managed by the Ministry of Defense
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Civil and military ports

The entire selection procedure and the organization of the project are carried out based on public administration needs, also playing the role of advisor in definition of the project strategy.