SUSI Partners acquires majority in italian energy efficiency platform

  • SUSI Partners acquires controlling interest in Italian energy service company Genera Group
  • Genera Group specialises in implementing, funding and maintaining energy efficiency measures for private and public infrastructure owners
  • The transaction represents SUSI’s first equity investment in the energy efficiency space

Zug/Zurich, 5 January 2021 – SUSI Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority in Italian energy service company Genera Group through its flagship SUSI Energy Transition Fund, deepening its commitment to energy efficiency infrastructure investments. The transaction is the continuation of a long-standing relationship between Genera Group and SUSI Partners, exemplifying SUSI’s partnership-based investment approach. While SUSI has invested more than EUR 400 million in energy efficiency measures through its credit platform to date, the acquisition represents the company’s first equity investment in the energy efficiency space.

Genera Group is headquartered in Rome and headed by founder Filippo Ghirelli. The company is predominantly active in Italy, but continues to expand its reach, including to regions outside of Europe. SUSI’s engagement and the formation of a long-term partnership will provide funding certainty and help the company secure and build out its already substantial project pipeline, implementing a variety of energy-saving technologies, including LED lighting, combined heat and power facilities as well as building retrofits, among others.

The SUSI Energy Transition Fund is an evergreen fund which held its first closing in July 2020 at EUR 300 million. The fund invests in sustainable energy infrastructure with the aim to decarbonise energy production, increase the energy efficiency of existing infrastructure, and enable the use and expansion of integrated clean energy solutions. Energy efficiency measures are an important pillar of the investment strategy, as they represent a financially attractive and cost-efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions while enabling customers to reduce energy costs and enhance productivity.